Daimajin Kanon – Complete Series Batch

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There are no changes since the individual releases, this is just a compilation of the entire series into one torrent. For those coming across Daimajin Kanon and/or our release of it for the first time, here’s our initial description in the first post:

From Shigenori Takatera, the producer of Kamen Rider Kuuga and the first half of Hibiki, and Shinji Ōishi, the head writer of the first half of Hibiki, comes Daimajin Kanon, an unconventional tokusatsu series. There are monsters, and heroes who transform to fight them, but they are there to support the true star of the show: Kanon, an young woman facing the reality that kindness for others can open you up to pain and betrayal. Are the values we learned as children worth anything when people choose to not follow them? Can you risk helping a stranger when they could be taking advantage of your naivety? How can you extend your hands to new friends after losing your most important memories to someone you once loved? Will Kanon be able to find her song again, and will she be able to save the world? Find out in this 21st century fable.

A few warnings for new viewers ahead of time: This series is a slow burn. The first eight episodes are largely dedicated to setting the stage and establishing Kanon’s mental state after severe emotional trauma. Even if you aren’t fully enjoying the first few episodes, if anything engages you, we suggest sticking with the show until that point. Also, this show originally aired in a late night time slot. Although it does not contain what we would call “mature” imagery, like graphic violent or sexual imagery, Kanon is largely about themes and topics that a younger audience would likely find difficult to understand. So, unlike our other releases, Kanon retains the vulgar language of the original source translation.

This release is a transfer of the existing BadWolf (episodes 1-13) and Over-Time (episodes 14-26) subtitles onto footage taken from the Blu-Rays at 720p. (Like many other shows of its era, Kanon has been mastered at 720p and would not benefit from a larger resolution. According to this, these two groups are the same translation and team almost entirely.)  The subs have been lightly edited to correct a minor number of errors as well as fill some omitted lines with ones from the TV-Nihon translation. (There are a few episodes where less than half a dozen lines lines of dialogue were missing that were the focus of a scene.) The 480p version is hardsubbed. We’re planning on releasing a new set of four episodes each week like we did with Black RX.

The extras torrent is unsubbed, and described in more detail here.


Thanks to BadWolf, Over-Time, RiderTime, and TV-Nihon for the translations used in this release! 🙂

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